Game Centre

Welcome to the game centre! You'll be able to earn more cards and coupons for your collection here. :3

There's three sets of games available. Rikka updates one set every two weeks, and Rahenna has a set every two weeks. These two sets alternate their update weeks, so you'll still have new games to play every week. :3 Then there's the monthly games which are updated on the first of each month as noted below. Enjoy!

set one (rikka)

last updated: May 15
Lost Uniform is not updated.

Game Title Game Description
Blind Date Shame on you, you don't remember your date's name!
Card Distortion Can you guess which card is being distorted?
Lost Uniform How can you go to school without your uniform? Oh no!
Fake Artwork Identify the error on a piece of art.
Hard Puzzle Wow, this one's really messed up!
Dating Service It's time to be a matchmaker for your best friend!
Memory Match the mixed up characters!

set two (rahenna)

last updated: May 8
Language Barrier is not updated.

Game Title Game Description
Quiz Show Answer fast, the audience is waiting!
Job Search Which seiyuu's resume is it?
Language Barrier Do you understand what your Japanese date is saying?
Group Collect Work together to complete the set!
Easy Puzzle Something nice to do with your sweetie on a rainy day...
Lucky Card Are you lucky enough to have these cards?
Love Wars To get your sweetie back, you must beat your rival!

Monthly & Ongoing Games

last updated: as needed ^^b

Game Title Game Description Updated
Heartless Cards An RD original! Which cards have lost their hearts? April 13
Puzzle Series So, you like puzzles? May 1
First Date So many styles to mix-and-match, so little time... May 1
Member Cards Get your custom member card here! as needed :)
Love Meter Trade cards, collect stamps, get MORE cards! ongoing!