Game Rules

Basic rules that one must follow while being an active member of Renai Doumei. By joining you agree to abide by these rules. Failure to comply will result in either a warning or suspension from the TCG!


01. Have a website before you join, anywhere is fine. How else are you gonna show off your cards to the world?

02. One membership per person! If you join and play under two different names to get more cards you will be kicked out immediately! It is just not fair at all to other members who work so hard to earn their cards.

03. Please do not use crazy and confusing member names such as xoILuVrenaigameZ2000xo, stick to something simple.

04. Do not harass other members for trades or spam them for no reason. If I find out that you're causing other members trouble, a warning is given first, then you will be suspended if there is no improvement.

05. Annnnd... that's it. Pretty simple. :D

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