About Renai Doumei

[This introduction is by Sepia, the original owner of the TCG.]

Renai Doumei is yet another TCG, among the many out there already. For those who are unfamiliar with TCGS, it's basically an online version of ordinary trading card games you collect in real life. The good thing about online TCGs is that you can make absolutely anything into cards! And the theme for this particular TCG is renai games, or dating simulation games.

I am sure many of you have seen websites that use beautiful Japanese CGs on their layouts. Many of these CGs come from renai games. So by creating this TCG, I wish to show my love for renai games (I've been collecting CG images for a long time), as well as to help people learn about where that CG image on their layout is from, because in most cases a lot of people just use CGs found on boyis.com without any idea where they are from.

But BEWARE!!! If you choose to look up these games on google you may discover hentai content, as many (not all!) Renai games contain hentai elements. Renai Doumei will NEVER contain Hentai images, nor will there be links to them. So rest assured that this site is totally work safe!

Short History

Renai Doumei was originally created by Sepia in 2003 and ran for about one year before closing. The game was revived in February 2007, but was in danger of closing in July 2007.

Rahenna adopted the TCG on July 19, 2007, and owned it until November 2007. :(
But in February 2009, Rahenna was thinking about reopening and begged Lilly and Marfisa for help. :D

Things dragged on for a long time in development since both Lilly and Rahenna got too busy to work on the site. But eventually Rahenna came back to RD and mentioned it on the forum for her other TCG, Moonlight Legend. Rikka offered to be a co-owner, and RD was reborn. ^^b

so many comment forms!

Rahenna decided that sending prizes by email is too annoying, and not everyone wants to join a TCG that has a forum. Renai Doumei uses a bunch of little comment forms instead of a forum to get things done! In many places that would have an email form, there's a comment box instead. Just comment with whatever you want to do, and it will be handled for you.

What happens to all the goodies you'd normally get by email? That's where the pickup area comes in! Think of it as a post office box. Whenever something gets "mailed" to you, it ends up in the pickup area. Items will stay there for one month, so you have plenty of time to get your goodies!

If you look at the member list, you'll notice that there's no email links. This is to protect member privacy and prevent spam. Instead, each member has a mailbox that can be used for trades! Just comment with your trade offer and wait for a reply. :3

Card Coupons

I'm sure you know what card coupons are: you get them through games, contests, and other things like as donation rewards, and can trade them in anytime for the amount of cards stated. Here's what they look like.

You may use the Coupons Exchange form to trade in your coupons for cards. Specific rules are outlined in one the form, so please read before making a post!

Yes, you can trade coupons with other members! Feel free to trade away the coupons you don't want for the ones that you do!

Game Levels

In 99.9% of TCGs, there is something called levels. This is determined by the amount of cards you collected. For Renai Doumei, there are 10 levels in total. The first five uses names of figure skating jumps, and the next five are the competitions one goes through to become an Olympic medalist.

A level up earns two choice cards & four random cards!

When you earned enough cards to advance to the next level, visit the level up form to get rewards!

Loop 00-75 Cards Regionals 501-650 Cards
Lutz 76-150 Cards Sectionals 651-850 Cards
Salchow 150-250 Cards Nationals 851-1050 Cards
Flip 251-350 Cards Worlds 1051-1300 Cards
Axel 351-500 Cards Olympics 1301+ Cards


Milestones are rewards you get AFTER you became an Olympic Medalist, when you reach certain large amounts of cards. The details are as follows:

1600 Cards 3 choice cards, 4 random cards
2000 Cards 4 choice cards, 6 random cards
2500 Cards 5 choice cards, 8 random cards
3000 Cards 6 choice cards, 10 random cards
3500 Cards 7 choice cards, 12 random cards

To submit a milestone, visit the contact form to get rewards!

Mastered a Set?

The objective of the whole TCG deal is to collect and master a certain card set you go after. In Renai Doumei, mastering a set means that you have collected ALL of the cards in a set.

A mastery earns two choice cards, two random cards, & a master badge!

When you master a set, visit the master form to get rewards!