Love Wars

You challenge your love rival to a duel to see who is better for your sweetie! I'm sure you guys have played the playing card game War. It's a two player game: the first person takes out a card from the deck, and then the second player. If the card that the second person drew is bigger, he wins; if the card is smaller, the first player wins.

For this game, there is a special prize if you win with a 020 card!
But if there is a tie, you lose! ;_;

try your luck

Here we go! If you've won, your prizes will appear in the section below. If you haven't won... better luck next time!

rival you!

You cannot reload! If you didn't win, please come back and try again next update!


You won with a card numbered 020! Here's a special prize.

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trade log:
Love Wars: crescendo003, otaku013, spring018, gxb coupon, gxg coupon