Group Collect

If you'd like to do a good deed and get something nice in return, participate in the group collect! Every two weeks, we'll be collecting a new set. Try to complete the set before the round is up and you'll get even better rewards!

Here's how it works!

1. Check to see which set is being collected. If you have any cards from that set, comment below to offer them to the group collection!

2. Each member can donate a maximum of four cards per round. You can donate them at any time during the round, so if you have four right at the beginning, go right ahead and donate them all. :3

3. For each card you donate, you'll get two random cards back!

4. If the set is completed at least half-complete (10 cards) within two weeks, everyone will get a coupon for each card donated! (In addition to the regular prize, of course. :3)

our collection

This round, we're collecting the Teasing set!


donate a card

If you have a card to donate, please comment here and it will be added to the deck. :3 Please be sure to read and see what's already been donated before offering your card.

Once the round is over, rewards will be added to the pickup area!

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