Heartless Cards

When Renai Doumei first opened, there was a unique game called Heartless Cards. Every month, five cards would be altered so the hearts in the bottom left corner were missing, and prizes were given depending on how many you could find!

This game is similar, but instead of completely removing the hearts, the affected cards have their hearts turned BLACK. (It's easier to recolor the hearts than it is to remove them. *halo*) It looks like this:

example: Normal card is on the left; "heartless" card is on the right!

Your task is to find all of the black-hearted cards as you can and enter their names here. When entering the cards, put them in alphabetical order, all in lowercase, and include all the digits!

For example, if the cards were amour001, might002, hachiyou003, winter004, and spring005, you would enter:

HINT: This time, there is one card of each type! (BxB, GxB, etc)

Last round's answer:
amour015, carnival014, idol008, suigetsu001, you018