Submission Guidelines

Donating stuff monthly is a very good way to get a large amount of cards. Currently we are accepting badge, button, and deck image donations!

If you want to donate, please use the form at the bottom of this page. You can give us a direct link to a ZIP file, or ask us to give you the TCG email address so you can mail it in directly!

- Graphics must feature characters or scenery from renai games.
- Graphics must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG file format.
- Graphics must be of good quality. See the existing graphics for an idea of what we're looking for. :3

Level Badges

01. You may donate ONE full badge set each month.
02. The maximum size is 250x250 pixels.
03. Must have the level name and Renai Doumei written clearly on the badges.

5 random cards, 2 coupons

Link Buttons

01. You may donate ONE SET of FIVE buttons each month.
02. The only acceptable sizes are 88x15, 88x31, 100x35, 100x50, and 200x40.
03. Must have RD or Renai Doumei written somewhere.

2 random cards, 1 coupon

Deck Images

01. You may donate THREE decks each month.
02. All game images must be screenshots from renai games and must be in high quality!
03. All artist images should be from artbooks, NOT websites/blogs. Avoid game-specific art.
04. Images must be 640x480 or larger.
05. Do not crop or otherwise edit the images!
06. Your donation must include at least 30 images.
07. You CAN include images that are slightly ecchi (graphic XD) if it is hard to find 30 completely clean images from a game. Use your best judgement.

special bounty!
We really need artist and girl♥girl deck donations! Any donation of this type will receive a bonus of 1 card & 1 coupon per deck donated. :D

2 random cards, 2 coupons (per donation)
You'll also get to take an extra card from the deck you donated when it's released. :3

submit a donation!

Ready to donate?
1. Please upload a ZIP/RAR of your donations to your own webspace. Do not use free download sites such as Megaupload.
2. Comment here with a link to your donation.
3. Staff will pick up your donation and drop off your goodies in the pickup area! ^_^

** If you can't upload your file, please leave your email address in your comment. I will email you and ask you to send the file as an attachment. :D

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