forms & services

If you need to get things done, this is the place for you!

Please read all of the form instructions carefully before using them. A number of the forms are automated, but you must enter things like choice cards carefully to make sure you get your goodies!

Form Description
Level Up If you're ready to level up, claim your prize here.
Mastery If you've completed a set, get mastery rewards here.
Coupon Exchange Got coupons? Get cards!
Love Meter Redeem your completed stamp cards.
Doubles Exchange Get rid of those annoying duplicate cards here.
Contact Use for any other contacts. :3

mailbox getting full?

If you'd like your mailbox to be cleared out, please leave a comment here! Please be sure you've allowed enough time for other members to pick up the cards you've traded with them. :D If you're not sure, you can ask us to delete everything posted before a date of your choosing. ^^b

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