Love Meter

Here's a way to earn more cards by being an active member of the TCG.
For every card you trade, you can add ONE stamp to your card!

Of course, there are more details!

1. You earn one stamp PER CARD that is traded. If you swap six cards, that's six stamps! The value of the card does not affect the number of stamps you get. Trading member cards also counts as 1 stamp towards your love meter!

2. You can use a stamp card from below, or just keep track of your trades without one. The use of the stamp card graphic is NOT required.

3. Once you trade 25 cards, you get a reward! Come back to this page and comment in the get rewards section. :3 Please post a log of your trades with your comment. It should look something like this:

January 25 - traded diplomat001 to Rahenna
January 26 - traded drops002, family003 to Rikka

4. The prize is for filling a stamp card is one choice card & two random coupons!

Card Choices

Each card is a transparent PNG, so you can add your favorite image to the card!

get Rewards

If you've completed a Love Meter stampcard, please comment here! Your rewards will be added to the pickup area soon. :3

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