Welcome to Renai Doumei, a TCG featuring CG artwork from renai (aka dating sim or love sim) games. This TCG is work, school, and public library safe! Cards may show kisses or hugs, but nothing more!

If you enjoy the art of these games, please consider joining! RD is set up so you don't need to know anything about the characters or plots of renai games. You can play and collect without stressing about finding answers to impossible trivia. :3


heartless cards!

Apr 13, 2010 by Rahenna | comments (2)
Hi all! I've updated Heartless Cards under the monthly games. Rikka updated Puzzle Series on the 3rd, so don't forget to play if you haven't already. :3

I keep meaning to start up First Date, but I never remember to upload the new version of the file! If I started it tonight, would you still want to participate for April even though the month is almost half over? I don't want anyone to feel rushed, but I feel bad about not starting yet. It's been months. ._.

My new computer is behaving now, so I'll be a more responsible owner from now on. Many thanks to Rikka for taking care of RD! :D

Chii, your new member card is ready!

The First Date contest is up!

More otome decks!

Apr 10, 2010 by Rikka | comments (13)
Rahenna's games are updated today! :D Go get your cards!

new decks
More otome decks (+ one artist) since I realized we haven't released any GxB decks in a long while now. :) As usual, you can take 2 cards from 2 different decks! lots of shirtless men images, lol

other notes
- donate images for new decks, new badges, buttons, the works. :D

Renai Doumei has been nominated over at TCG Awards! :D Thanks to whoever nominated us!

finished update!

Apr 03, 2010 by Rahenna | comments (15)
Hi guys, sorry I'm late! I spent the entire day moving furniture and unpacking/rearranging bookshelves, and this is the first time I've turned my computer on. ^^;; This is just a placeholder because I want to make a couple of decks tonight.

new games
Rikka's games are updated! :D

new decks
Got some otome and artist decks this time. :D

Please take 2 cards (from 2 different sets) from the newly released decks below! If you donated images for any of the decks below, please take an extra card from that deck. Thanks!

Oh, and Cardcaptor Sakura fans should check out Rikka's new TCG, Cheer! :D

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