Welcome to Renai Doumei, a TCG featuring CG artwork from renai (aka dating sim or love sim) games. This TCG is work, school, and public library safe! Cards may show kisses or hugs, but nothing more!

If you enjoy the art of these games, please consider joining! RD is set up so you don't need to know anything about the characters or plots of renai games. You can play and collect without stressing about finding answers to impossible trivia. :3


first date results & regular update

May 01, 2010 by Rahenna | comments (9)
Rikka's biweekly games are updated! ^^b

I've posted the rewards for the First Date contest in everyone's mailbox. Thanks for participating! A new round is available now. :3 Puzzle Series is also updated! Hope you enjoy everything! ^_^

new decks
Got some BxB and BxG decks this time. Take two cards, each from a different deck. :D

more info :3
- We want YOU to donate stuff! :3

New artist decks~

Apr 24, 2010 by Rikka | comments (13)
Rahenna's biweekly games are updated! :3 And if you haven't already, enter the first round of First Date! The deadline to enter is April 30, so you have one week~

new decks
All artist decks this time around! Take 2 cards from 2 different decks:

the rest
- want to see a certain deck made? donate images (or buttons, or badges)!

- Renai Doumei has been nominated for Most Organized at the TCG Awards! So if you feel that we are rather organized here, make sure you vote by April 30! :3 Thanks for the nomination!

Rahenna says
Language Barrier is active again! Thanks for your patience, everyone. :3

happy update :3

Apr 17, 2010 by Rahenna | comments (11)
Rikka's games are updated! Hope you enjoy them! And don't forget about the First Date contest under the monthly games - it's finally open. :D

new decks
Got some BxG and artist decks today! Take two cards, each from a different deck!

That's all for today. :3

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