Welcome to Renai Doumei, a TCG featuring CG artwork from renai (aka dating sim or love sim) games. This TCG is work, school, and public library safe! Cards may show kisses or hugs, but nothing more!

If you enjoy the art of these games, please consider joining! RD is set up so you don't need to know anything about the characters or plots of renai games. You can play and collect without stressing about finding answers to impossible trivia. :3


new decks!

Dec 19, 2009 by Rikka | comments (19)
Rahenna's biweekly set 2 games are updated! Go play! :D And if you haven't already noticed, the monthly puzzle series is up as well.

new decks

Please take 3 cards, from different decks! If you donated images for any of the above decks (thanks!), please take 1 extra card from that deck. :3

other stuff
- get your member card!
- donate stuff!
- check out the affiliate page :3

And I think that's about it for now. Enjoy!

games tomorrow!

Dec 11, 2009 by Rahenna | comments (0)
Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say HI to everyone who has joined (16 members, wow!) and to give a bit of good news. :D

Rikka's games will update tomorrow, so you'll have something to play! We're still working on the monthly games, which probably won't open up until January.

Other things to do:
- get your member card
- learn about the pickup area
- get started on badge/button/deck donations
- recruit all your friends? >:D

Okay, that's enough from me. See you tomorrow!

open for prejoin!

Dec 07, 2009 by Rahenna | comments (3)
It only took about nine months. Hmm. XD

Anyway, RD is finally accepting members! Please head on over to the join form if you're interested in playing. There's no games or activities active right now, but you can get your starter pack and start exploring. ^^b

More news to come! The to-do list below is still in progress, so hopefully that will shrink over the next few days.

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