Welcome to Renai Doumei, a TCG featuring CG artwork from renai (aka dating sim or love sim) games. This TCG is work, school, and public library safe! Cards may show kisses or hugs, but nothing more!

If you enjoy the art of these games, please consider joining! RD is set up so you don't need to know anything about the characters or plots of renai games. You can play and collect without stressing about finding answers to impossible trivia. :3


more cards, MORE!

Jan 23, 2010 by Rahenna | comments (19)
Hi all! Rikka's games are updated! I'm not sure about Lost Uniform... I can't remember where they were last time. XD Rikka, please let me know if you'd like me to update this one. :D (Thanks to Rikka for updating Group Collect for me, too.)

new decks
More cards! Are we releasing too many? I feel like there's a lot, but I always have fun making them, and we like to keep up on the donations too. Anyway, take three cards! If you donated for a deck, take one extra. :)

Look, I put them in order this time! XD

the usual stuff
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- donations are always welcome!

GxG section is so lonely! ;-;

Jan 16, 2010 by Rikka | comments (18)
Hello~ Rahenna's games are updated, so please go check them out. :3 Group collect will be updated in a bit.

new decks
As usual, you can take three cards, each from different decks! If you've donated images for any of these (thank you!), you can take an extra card from that deck.

the usual stuff
- get your member card here!
- donations are always welcome! bonus gifts for artist and gxg decks!

Enjoy! See you next week~ o/

artist decks & more!

Jan 09, 2010 by Rahenna | comments (18)
Rikka's games are updated! :D
Puzzle Series under the monthly games is also updated. And don't forget Heartless Cards too!

new decks
Trying to get some more artist decks out there!
Take three cards. If you donated a deck, take an extra card from it. :)

I'm not organized like Rikka, so these aren't in alphabetical order. XD

- don't forget about member cards!
- we're always looking for donations, especially for GxG and artist decks!

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